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    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

    Original Colour Maximite Features


    This page describes the features and capabilities of the Colour Maximite.

    For more information on the Original Colour Maximite you can click on these links:

    You can use the Colour Maximite in three different roles.

    As a Fun, Small Computer

    Think of it as a modern version of the Tandy TRS-80, Commodore 64 and other personal computers that were popular many year ago.  You can plug the Colour Maximite into a VGA monitor, add a standard IBM PC style keyboard and away you go !  It includes its own BASIC interpreter and does not need an operating system so you can immediately type in your program and run it on the spot.

    The Colour Maximite also has a slot for an SD memory card so you can save your programs and data to the card for later retrieval.  These cards are cheap and offer capacities into many gigabytes - something the Tandy's and Commodore's of yesterday could only dream about.

    The BASIC interpreter is modelled on Microsoft BASIC so you can download many programs from the internet and try them out.  If you are new to programming you will find that the BASIC language provides the easiest introduction to this skill.  It was specifically designed to provide an easy learning environment while still having real power so that you can move beyond the simple learning steps.

    In this role you can have fun discovering a simple but powerful computer, use it to teach children how to program, play games, balance your chequebook or whatever.

    As a Controller

    The Colour Maximite has 20 input/output pins on the back panel and an additional 20 on the Arduino compatible connector.  These input/outputs can be used to measure voltages, count frequency, detect switch closure and use that information to turn on lights, relays, pumps, etc.  All under the control of your BASIC program.  You can use the Colour Maximite as a multi channel digital voltmeter to measure temperatures, pressure, acceleration and many other types of data from sensors with analog outputs.  In this role you can use it to control an industrial process, construct an intelligent burglar alarm, log temperatures and a million and one other similar jobs.

    The Colour Maximite can be set to automatically run a program on power up (without keyboard and video connected) and in this mode it makes a powerful embedded controller.  There are a lot of low cost 5 and 7 inch VGA/composite displays available on eBay and they would make a great graphics display screen for a device based on an embedded Maximite.

    The Maximite supports a wide range of communications protocols (serial, I2C, SPI and 1-wire). These are mostly used for communicating between semiconductor chips so, using the Colour Maximite, you can easily measure temperatures, log data or interface with a test instrument.

    Because the Maximite is so cheap you can use it for the simplest of tasks such as an intelligent battery charge controller or monitoring temperatures inside you house.  It is also powerful enough that you could control the environment in your greenhouse or log data from your racing car !

    As a Game Playing Computer

    The Colour Maximite should also encourage another group of users who enjoy writing and playing animated games. Colour is especially useful for games and the Colour Maximite has a special high speed colour mode designed for that use.

    Version 4.0 of MMBasic also has some special commands (BLIT and SPRITE) designed to move video images around the screen, just what you need for an animated game.

    This small game created by Fabrice Muller in France will give you the idea, everything including the sound effects is generated by the Colour Maximite:

    More Details

    The key features are:

    For information on the Original Colour Maximite click on these links:

    Other useful pages: